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Capital Hotel

Beijing Silicon Valley Bright City

Beijing Chaolai Real Estate Power Distribution Room

Beijing Sheraton Hotel

Beijing Galaxy SOHO

Beijing Jinglong Real Estate

Park Hyatt Beijing

Shenzhen Jingdao International Shopping Center

Beijing Celebrity Building

Beijing News Building Hotel

Shenzhen Huangting International Shopping Mall

World Medical Book Building

Courtyard By Marriott Beijing

Shenyang Henglong Middle Street Square

Beijing Elite Real Estate

Fucheng International Hotel

Guangzhou Yaozhong Square

Beijing Wensi Innovation Software R&D Building

Guangxi Second Guest House

Jinan Hualian Supermarket

Beijing Ocean International Center Residence

Yanshan Industrial Park, Lixia District, Jinan City

Jinan Bew Hualian Shopping Plaza

Beijing Lingjing Hutong North Community

Jinan Military Club

Shanghai Qingpu Restoration New Century Square

Non-standard residential electricity consumption in Daxing District, Beijin

Chengde Science and Technology Building, Hebei Province

Renovation and Extension of Shanghai Shenzhou Digital Science Park

Beijing Huilongguan Residential Quarter

Kaihua City, Guangzhou

Sinopec Building

Civil Servant Community of Jining City, Inner Mongolia

Shenzhen Metro Headquarters

China Nuclear Energy Building

Four Communities in Dezhou, Shandong Province

Shanghai New Alliance Building

China Railway Investment Building

Dongshan Community, Jinan, Shandong

Beijing Zhongguancun E World

Beijing Ocean World

Five District Shandong City-based Real Estate Phase IV

Beijing Oriental European and American Times Home Plaza

Beijing Kuntai International Building

Shandong Nanqiao Real Estate

Beijing Hualian Lijing Square

Beijing Financial Street Jincheng Building

Shenzhen Pingshan International Low Carbon City

Beijing Raffles City Plaza

Beijing Zhuteng Building

Harbin Nangang Textile City

Chang'an Building, Guanghua Road, Beijing