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Energy Efficiency Management System

Hospital of Stomatology,Jilin University

Ningxia Medical University

Office Building of Meteorological Bureau


Distribution power monitoring system

Tianjin Tencent Data Center

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television



Galaxy SOHO

Microsoft China R&D Base


Digital relay

Shandong Scientific Research Base

Wenzhou Wanda Plaza

Xi'an Xianyang International Airport


Low Voltage Protection

Kaiqing Chemical Industry in Henan Province

Pinghu Petrochemical Company of Zhejiang Province

Harun Energy Power Plant


Electrical Fire

Shanghai Shenzhou Digital Park

Dalian PetroChina Building

Monitoring Room of Palace Museum

Hanzhong Chenggu Airport

Jinan Military Region General Hospital

Shandong capital culture and Art Center


Data center monitoring system

Wuxi People's Bank

Yantai Data Center

China Unicom Project