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Talent training is a long-term strategy of our company. After years of practice, our company has established a complete education and training system, which includes staff integration, team cooperation, professional skills, management ability and so on. Each year, different types of training courses are offered to employees of different categories and levels, and employees are encouraged to participate in external training and learning. Promote the improvement of employee's comprehensive ability to meet the common needs of company development and employee career development.

We provide induction training and job skills training for new employees to help them understand their positions, master their skills and integrate into the team.

We provide a round robin training for senior employees to improve their job skills and general skills to help them improve in an all-round way.

We provide professional skills training and management ability training for excellent employees to help them develop their careers.

We strive, grow and dream together with all our employees. We regard our career as our career and pursue our career. We work in ESDTEK, progress in ESDTEK and achievements in ESDTEK.