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    EM721D Combined Electric Fire Monitoring Detector

  • Product Overview
  • Product function
  • Installation Dimensi
  •        EM721D electric fire monitoring detector series electric fire monitoring detector monitors residual current in the system or branch through external residual current transformer, and monitors environmental temperature in the cable or box through external temperature sensor. When the monitoring value is higher than the alarm setting value, the device immediately generates an alarm signal and uploads it to the monitoring equipment through the communication interface. EM721D electric fire monitoring detector adopts embedded hardware design structure, with micro-power consumption, high intelligence, high reliability, intuitive digital tube display, easy operation and query parameters. In the process of operation, real-time self-inspection of internal core components can be carried out to ensure reliable operation.

          EM721D electric fire monitoring detector is suitable for centralized monitoring of electric fire in residential quarters, buildings, factories, mines, schools, hotels and other personnel-intensive places, especially in single-way or double-way feeder area distribution boxes.

    ■ Monitoring function: two residual currents and two temperatures can be measured simultaneously

    ■ Statistical function: Statistical alarm information and fault information, forming SOE records; Recording important operations such as reset and muffling, forming operation records

    ■ Communication function: remote transmission of information in digital form through intelligent communication bus, with high anti-jamming capability

    ■ Fault/Alarm Function: Acousto-optic Alarm

    ■ Alarm output function: relay output

    ■ Other functions: Chinese LCD display, setting and inquiring parameters; self-checking important components; storage of 64 alarm and fault records, power failure can be saved for 10 years.

     Shape size (mm)