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    Comprehensive Monitoring Platform

  • Overview
  • System diagram
  •        There are many kinds of monitoring systems in one building, such as electric power monitoring system, energy efficiency management system, electric fire monitoring system, lightning surge detection system etc. These systems are indispensable for the operation and energy saving  of the whole building. However, these systems have overlapping functions, design, construction and other aspects. And each system  is isolated, which increases the cost and difficulty for the later operation and maintenance of the user.

        EasyECM electric integrated monitoring system aims to solve the above problems. The system functions include electric power monitoring system, electric fire monitoring system, fire power monitoring system, energy efficiency management system, lightning surge detection system, temperature measurement system. It can provide integrated system and one-stop service for users, reduce the investment. 



    ● Meeting the requirements of electrical monitoring, operation safety, fire monitoring, energy efficiency management and other aspects, reduce user investment and operation costs.

    ● Supporting B/S and C/S Hybrid Architecture, Considering Real-time Communication, System Deployment and Flexible Display

    ● According to the requirements of different projects, each subsystem can be combined freely

    ● Information can be exchanged between each subsystems to avoid isolated outgoing information

    ● The system supports a variety of communication protocols and can access various devices. Support third-party system data import or manual input

    ● Using advanced and reliable real-time database and relational database

    The system supports the deployment of LAN, private cloud and public cloud. The user can monitor the data by computers and mobile phones.