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    EAPF6000 active filter

  • Product Overview
  • Product characterist
  •         EAPF active power filter provides a perfect solution for harmonic control. It can track and compensate harmonic current quickly and accurately, and adopt advanced harmonic extraction algorithm to improve the dynamic response speed of harmonic control. Efficient three-level NPC power conversion circuit provides EAPF with a wider harmonic compensation range, which can compensate for 2-50 times of all harmonics or specified sub-harmonic currents. In addition, EAPF has the functions of dynamic reactive power compensation and three-phase unbalanced current compensation. It can improve the power quality, reduce the power loss and improve the energy efficiency of power supply equipment in an all-round way. It provides a strong guarantee for the normal operation of power equipment in all walks of life.

    Quick and accurate response

           The instantaneous reactive power algorithm is used to improve the real-time performance of harmonic current extraction and enhance the dynamic compensation ability of harmonic current. When the load environment changes, it can quickly track the change of harmonic current for real-time compensation.

    Wide range of filtering

           It can filter 2-50 harmonic currents at the same time, or choose any harmonic currents to compensate according to need. The filtering rate of harmonic currents before and after compensation is high.

    Omnidirectional compensation function

           It can realize multi-function compensation of harmonic, reactive power and three-phase unbalanced current, and can set priority of each function according to load environment and demand, so as to realize all-round compensation of power quality problems.

    Design of Three-level Power Conversion

           Using advanced three-level NPC topology, compared with the traditional two-level topology, the waveform is closer to the sinusoidal wave. The reverse voltage of the switch tube is half of the DC bus voltage, which equally improves the switching frequency. The ripple current is small and the current response speed is faster.

    Design of Layered Heat Dissipation Structure

           The structure design of stratified heat dissipation and forced air cooling with independent air duct can effectively isolate the interference of dust on the control system and facilitate the centralized air cooling of power switch tubes and inductors.

    Modular Design

           Modular system, each independent mode of operation will compensate multiple harmonic currents by modules, to ensure that other modules can continue to compensate when a single module is damaged, online replacement module does not affect the harmonic current control, and the power quality assurance is uninterrupted. In addition, modular design, small size, light weight, the use of installation.

    Humanized Interactive Interface Design

           The industrial high brightness 5.7 Inch Touch screen, graphical interface design, simple and intuitive humanized design can enable users to operate freely, real-time monitoring EAPF operation status, compensation effect and abnormal situation, avoid resonance and record resonance, so as to better compensate.