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    EM761-B Electrical Fire Monitoring Equipment

  • 产品概述
  • Product function
  • Installation Dimensi
  •      EM761-B electric fire monitoring equipment adopts box structure. It mainly completes centralized management and visual monitoring of the whole electric fire monitoring system. It can send out sound and light alarm signal, indicate alarm position, print alarm information to any alarm point in the monitoring network, and keep all alarm information permanently after power failure. EM761-B uses embedded design concept, small size, low power consumption, powerful function. Full-color LCD screen with touch screen operation makes the human-machine interface very friendly. It can connect 512 EM721 detectors at most. The alarm response time is less than 10 seconds, and the device can continue to work for more than 6 hours after power failure.

         EM761-B is suitable for centralized monitoring of electric fires in crowded places such as commercial complexes, upscale communities, schools, hotels, industrial plants, etc., especially when the number of detectors is less than 512 and wall mounted.

    Embedded hardware design concept, small size, low power consumption, stable operation.

    ■ EM761-B provides multi-channel non-polar two-bus interface to monitor the residual current and temperature of each power supply line in real time, and display the whole state through color LCD screen.

    ■ More than 10,000 pieces of information can be stored and recorded, and various query modes such as query by time, query by fault type and so on can be supported.

    ■ It has independent sound and light alarm function and can indicate the specific location of the fault.

    ■ Built-in micro printer, printable alarm record

    ■ The function of self-check inside the equipment can check the operation of screen, indicator, buzzer and system.

    ■ The parameters of EM721 monitoring detector can be set remotely.

    Shape size (mm)