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  • Wireless temperature monitoring Location: Home - Products - Wireless temperature monitoring

    TM100W Series of Wireless Temperature Measuring De

  • Product Overview
  • Product function
  • System diagram
  •      TM100W series wireless temperature measurement products are integrated with advanced sensing technology, digital identification technology, wireless communication technology, low power technology and anti-interference technology. They are composed of TM100W wireless temperature measurement terminal and wireless temperature measurement collector. Specific application in various heating components and electrical connection points of electrical equipment can realize on-line monitoring and early warning of temperature changes under various harsh environment conditions, and facilitate maintenance personnel to fully and timely grasp the operation status of equipment.

        Wireless temperature system is simple in construction and reliable in operation, especially suitable for the occasion of scattered monitoring points, closed environment or high voltage.

    Functional types

    Function introduction

    Monitoring function

    Measurable 1024 channel temperature

    Alarm function

    Alarm Relay Output


    Reading Temperature Measured by Wireless Temperature Measuring Acquisition Device in 433MHz Wireless Frequency Band

    Through RS485 communication interface, MODBUS-RTU communication protocol uploads data to the background

    Other functions

    Text color LCD display, setting and querying parameters