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    At present, the existing building area in China has reached 45 billion square meters. In the construction and use of buildings, the problems of high energy consumption and low utilization efficiency are very prominent. According to the survey data of
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  •    The energy efficiency management system of EasyEEM public buildings is designed according to the energy consumption monitoring and property management requirements of different buildings such as shopping malls, office buildings and apartments. It can realize the functions of energy consumption monitoring (energy consumption classification, sub-items, household measurement, etc.), statistical analysis, energy efficiency management, energy saving diagnosis, payment management, etc., to ensure the possibility of building energy. Reliable and efficient operation, to achieve the management objectives of energy saving and consumption reduction for customers.

    · Monitoring the key energy-using links of lighting, air-conditioning, elevator, water supply and drainage in buildings

    · Subitem monitoring and statistical analysis of building electricity consumption according to open socket, air conditioning, HVAC, power equipment, special electricity consumption, etc.

    · Energy Monitoring and Cost Accounting of Building Floors, Regions, Businessmen and Departments

    · Monitoring and energy efficiency evaluation of key energy-using equipment

    · Generating Personalized Statistical Report for Customer Usage Habits



    Applied in large public buildings, such as office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and other occasions. Help customers to save energy and reduce consumption, meet green construction standards, and enhance the commercial value of construction.

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  • EasyEEM Energy Efficiency Management System

  • EMU2000 Series Data Acquisition Device

  • EM600LCD Electric Power Monitoring Instrument

  • EM160 three-phase electric energy meter

  • EM150 single-phase electric energy meter