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    Substation Maintenance Detection Solution
    10KV circuit breaker is the core equipment of power system, its state directly affects the security and reliability of power equipment operation. The stability of electrical equipment decreases gradually with the increase of service life, and environmen
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  • 10KV Medium Voltage Cabinet and Switch Protection

    10KV circuit breaker is the core equipment of power system, its state directly affects the security and reliability of power equipment operation. The purpose of ABB's circuit breaker diagnostic service is to accurately judge the actual situation of circuit breakers by on-site comprehensive testing, combining with the historical data of circuit breakers, and comparing the mechanical and electrical properties of circuit breakers.

    Scope of service

    Installation and debugging instructions


    spare parts

    Maintenance diagnosis

    Engineering Consulting

    Upgrade and transformation

    Expansion and Life Extension

    Environmental protection and product decommissioning services

    Circuit Breaker Detection

       According to the service life of the equipment, the equipment shall be thoroughly and deeply inspected in accordance with the manufacturer's standards, and the inspection report shall be issued. The specific inspection contents are as follows:

       A. Appearance Inspection - Professional comprehensive inspection of the appearance and important parts of circuit breakers.

       B. Insulation resistance test - test the insulation resistance of primary and secondary circuit of circuit breaker.

       C. Voltage withstand test - AC voltage withstand test of relative ground and fracture according to relevant standards.

       D. Contact resistance test - Test the contact resistance between the upper and lower contacts when the circuit breaker closes.

       E. Closing and closing characteristic test - test the closing and closing time of circuit breaker, different closing and closing periods and bouncing.

       F, Vacuum Test (Qualitative) - - Test whether the vacuum degree of vacuum interrupter of circuit breaker is qualified.

    Combining vacuum degree with insulation test, the internal condition of vacuum circuit breaker can be accurately judged.

       G, secondary auxiliary circuit test - test the switching action voltage of circuit breaker and the correctness of auxiliary contacts of circuit breaker.

       H. If necessary, the circuit breaker will be returned to the factory for inspection.


    Maintenance Testing of Low Voltage Switchgear

    During the whole life cycle, the stability of electrical equipment gradually decreases with the increase of service life, and environmental factors and service conditions are the main factors of equipment aging. At present, the cabinet types of ABB in China are MNS2.0, MNS3.0, MNS3.0R and MCS.

    Maintenance and inspection of non-ABB standard cabinet.

    Purpose of preventive maintenance testing

        Stability performance of hoisting equipment

        Troubleshooting hidden troubles of equipment

        Reducing Fault Rate of Equipment

        Slow down the aging speed of equipment

        Extending the Service Life of Equipment

    Service content

        Complete inspection of primary and secondary components in ABB low voltage cabinet and non-ABB standard cabinet

         Appearance and Function Testing

         Inspection of Fastening Torque of Connecting Bolts

         Performance Diagnosis of Circuit Breakers

         Insulation test of system

         Dust removal and tapping inspection and maintenance of switch components and cabinets

         Mechanical Lubrication and Testing

         Receiving and dispatching inspection

         Replacement of Faulty Components and Analysis of System Faults

    Capacitance cabinet

    Generally, the ideal service life of capacitor compensation cabinet is 10-15 years. However, the life of capacitor is greatly reduced due to the factors such as the environment, the quality of power grid, the frequent changes of load and the incorrect use method.

    Service content

    Test: Harmonic Test Capacitance Capacitance Test Infrared Test

    Training: Capacitance Compensation Controller Debugging Capacitance Cabinet Common Faults and Handling


    The safe operation and service life of dry-type transformer largely depends on the safety and reliability of transformer winding insulation. It is one of the main reasons that the transformer can not work normally because the winding temperature exceeds the insulation tolerance temperature, so it is very important to monitor and alarm the operation temperature of the transformer. Temperature controller is an intelligent instrument composed of microprocessor. It uses three platinum resistors as sensors to measure the temperature of three-phase windings of dry-type transformer. According to the set temperature value, start-stop fan temperature control. It has various sound and light alarm functions and plays an important role in the service life and cycle of dry-type transformer. Increase the communication between the upper computer and display the operation status and alarm information of the transformer in the software of the upper computer.