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    Intelligent Upgrade Solution for Substation
    Distribution monitoring system is a set of software and hardware system which uses computer network control technology to monitor and monitor substations. Electrical fire generally refers to the heat energy released due to faults in electrical lines, e
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  • Substation Intelligent Monitoring

      Distribution monitoring system is a set of software and hardware system which uses computer network control technology to monitor and monitor substations. It can provide an integrated system monitoring platform for electrical equipment such as medium and low voltage equipment and transformer under 10KV.

    Intelligent Upgrade Scope of Substation

    ★Multifunctional intelligent digital instruments are equipped on the switches of main inlet cabinet, outlet cabinet and low-voltage circuit, and the reading instruments are intuitive.

    Real-time measurement of phase voltage, line voltage, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency and other data;

    It can measure part of the load circuit energy.

    It can automatically record and set the electrical parameters of the load circuit in time sharing, and generate reports and historical curves (no less than 2 years).

    Forecast alarm and fault alarm, switch operation change alarm;

    The harmonics of important circuits need to be measured.

    The operation status of the switches in the low voltage system is transmitted to the duty room of the monitoring center remotely and displayed through the visual interface.

    The secondary circuit of old distribution cabinet is reformed and intelligent switching device is installed to realize the functions of self-switching, self-switching, fault detection and so on, so as to improve the reliability of the system.

    Electrical fire monitoring

      Electrical fire generally refers to the thermal energy released due to faults in electrical circuits, electrical equipment, appliances and power supply and distribution equipment; such as high temperature, arc, spark and non-faulty energy released; such as the incandescent surface of electric heating appliances, the fire caused by igniting the body or other combustibles under combustion conditions, also. Including fires caused by lightning and static 

      Electrical fire monitoring system converts the symptoms in the early stage of electric fire into the information we recognize through technical means, in order to achieve the purpose of electric fire monitoring and send out alarm information before the occurrence of electric fire.

       Residual current and temperature are two important monitoring signals of electrical fire.

      Electrical fire monitoring system conforms to the national standard of GB14287 Electrical Fire Monitoring System. It has the characteristics of strong stability, high safety, innovative technology and simple installation.

    Applications:Shopping malls, office buildings, schools, residential districts, factories

    Fire power supply monitoring

       With the popularization of automation of fire fighting equipment, more and more electronic fire fighting equipment is applied to building construction. The working state of fire fighting equipment is directly related to the fire safety of building, and whether the fire fighting equipment can work normally depends on the power supply. Therefore, the real-time monitoring of the power supply of fire fighting equipment, thereby improving the reliability of fire fighting equipment, is a problem worthy of great attention.

    Fire power supply conforms to the standard

    GB28184-2011《Power Supply Monitoring System of Fire Fighting Equipment》

    GB25506-2010《General Technical Requirements for Fire Control Room》


    Scope of service

    Mainly for the customer groups that have installed fire control system and have been in use for a long time to carry out monitoring and transformation.

    Arc protection monitoring

       Arc is a phenomenon occurring in the process of discharge, which occurs when the voltage between two points exceeds the limit of air insulation strength. When the arc is generated, the central temperature is about 7000-8000 C. The maximum energy released can be up to 8-60 MW at 20000 C, which is proportional to the arc burning time and short circuit current. Arc faults in distribution cabinets are the most dangerous and frequent accidents in power supply and distribution systems. The arc monitoring system is suitable for all types of low and medium voltage switchgear cabinets. It has been certified by SIL-2 standard and meets IEC61508 and IEC62061 standards.

    Causes of Arc Generation

       Man-made fault

       Faults in machinery and equipment

       Poor connection caused by loosening or conducting conductors

       Environmental pollution or serious corrosion

       Animal intrusion

    Application area

    Electric Power Metallurgical Telecom Ship Oil Drilling Platform Paper Chemical Wind Power and Photovoltaic Power Generation Medical Treatment


    Solution to ABB Circuit Breaker

    1.It consists of circuit breaker and arc monitor with SOR. The total disconnection time is 60-75MS.

    2.It consists of circuit breaker and arc monitor with internal module PR120/K. This scheme can significantly total disconnection time.

    Only 35-45MS is needed, and the disconnection command is issued directly by the electronic unit.

    Solution of Non-ABB Circuit Breaker

    1.The original low-voltage circuit breaker is equipped with shunt tripper and ABB arc monitor.

    2.The medium voltage circuit breaker and ABB arc monitor are composed of current induction unit.