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    Solution to Safe Electricity Use Reform
    During the whole life cycle, the stability of electrical equipment decreases with the increase of service life. For circuit breakers whose service life has reached the final life, whether domestic or imported, we can provide the most perfect transforma
  • Switch class upgrade
  • Capacitance cabinet
  • Harmonic Control
  • Switch class upgrade

    During the whole life cycle, the stability of electrical equipment decreases with the increase of service life. For the circuit breakers whose service life has reached the final life, whether domestic or imported, we can provide the most perfect transformation plan. With the help of conversion kits, we can replace the old circuit breakers with new ones. The upgrading can be completed quickly without changing the structure of the original device.

    Scope of service

    Upgrading and Retrofitting Scheme of Circuit Breaker

    Upgrading and transformation of circuit breaker - upgrading of conversion kit: without changing the original distribution cabinet and bus, the F circuit breaker is removed as a whole. The new EMAX circuit breaker can be installed to the original switch position through the conversion kit, only the cabinet door panel and secondary control circuit can be modified.

    Advantages of Conversion Suite

    Comparing with the scheme of replacing the whole distribution cabinet

       Investment costs will be reduced and overall costs will be lower.

       Short construction blackout time

       Stop movies with small sound range

    Comparing with the replacement of the mother row

       Measurement of installation dimensions without prior blackouts

       Later blackout construction time is greatly shortened

       Lower installation and maintenance costs

    Advantages of Circuit Breaker Upgrading

    Wide range of upgraded products

          Installation is convenient, fast and safe

          Reduce investment in existing equipment

          Lower overall costs

          Safety Matching with the Existing Bus System

          The conversion kit is validated by temperature rise, short circuit, voltage withstanding and other performance tests.

    Spare part

       Provide professional on-site inspection, tailor-made professional spare parts program.

    Upgrade and Reform of Capacitor Cabinet

    The stability of reactive power compensation device directly affects whether the distribution system can operate safely, reliably and efficiently. Regular detection can reduce hidden trouble, improve power factor, reduce equipment capacity, reduce reactive power loss, stabilize voltage and improve power supply quality. Generally, the service life of compensation capacitor in ideal environment is 5-10 years. However, it is difficult for us to achieve the ideal environment. There are harmonics, high ambient temperature, frequent load changes, incorrect use methods, and no professional maintenance in many fields, which lead to a great reduction of capacitor life and even lead to capacitor explosion.

    Common failures

    ★Capacitor Overheating, Deformation, Expansion and Burning

    Capacitor failure, unable to compensate effectively

    Frequent fuses in fuses

    Capacitor banks are frequently switched on and off to shorten their service life

    Discoloration and carbonization of electrical components wiring

    Power supply interruption caused by fire due to failure of electrical components

    Detection Content

    Capacitor Detection

            Three-phase working current and voltage

            Actual capacitance of capacitors

            Discharge resistance

            Insulation resistance

    ★Capacitor Protection Component Inspection

    Contactor inspection

    Reliability Inspection of Electrical Connections

    Inspection of Controller RVC/RVT Settings

    Verification of Reactive Power Compensation Configuration Matching

    Detection of branch switching action characteristics

    Reform Content

    Capacitance Cabinet Expansion

    Capacitor and Component Replacement

    Installation of Reactors

    Harmonic Control

    With the development of science and technology, along with the improvement of industrial production and people's living standards, a large number of non-linear electrical equipment are put into operation in the power grid, resulting in the increasing proportion of harmonic components in the power grid. It not only increases the power loss of the power grid, but also interferes with the normal operation of the protection devices and automation devices of the power grid, which directly threatens the safe operation of the power grid. The passive filter device and active filter are mainly used to control harmonics.

    Harm of harmonics

        1. Harmonic pollution causes power loss increase, equipment life shortening, grounding protection function malfunction, remote control function malfunction, line and equipment overheating, etc.

        2. Harmonic current increases the copper loss of transformer, causing local overheating, vibration, noise increase and additional heating of winding. The additional loss caused by harmonic voltage increases the hysteresis and eddy current loss of transformer.

        3. Harmonic pollution will increase the dielectric loss and transmission loss of cable, increase leakage current and temperature rise, increase partial discharge of dry cable, and increase the possibility of single-phase grounding fault.

        4. Harmonics make capacitors in power grid resonate.

        5. It affects the work and reliability of relay protection and automatic device, and seriously threatens the safe operation of power system.

        6. Increasing the Operation Cost of Enterprises

        7. Harmonics will lead to misoperation of relay protection and automatic devices, and large errors in instrument and energy measurement.