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    Hospital Energy Efficiency Management Solutions
    Have you realized that? Hospital energy management is undergoing unprecedented changes! As a public building with many kinds of energy, complex functions and high security requirements, hospitals have high requirements for energy operation safety, env
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  •  The system is designed according to the requirements of Technical Guidelines for the Construction of Hospital Energy Consumption Monitoring System. Through data collection, statistical analysis and centralized management of hospital water, electricity, gas, heat and cold energy, the system can help users to realize fine monitoring and measurement of energy, improve and optimize the existing energy operation control strategies of hospitals, so as to reduce the cost. Energy waste, to help customers achieve the management objectives of energy saving and consumption reduction in hospital buildings.

    · Support the measurement and statistical analysis of water, electricity, steam, gas, medical gas, cold and heat energy and other energy items.

    · In view of the different electric load in hospital, the differentiated management of load grading is realized.

    · Provide energy abnormal alarm and history inquiry, improve the reliability of energy supply;

    · Provide all kinds of energy efficiency reports, and flexibly customize the personalized report format;

    Help customers to complete energy-saving diagnosis and optimization, provide the most reasonable energy-saving solutions;



    Beijing Jishuitan Hospital

    Changzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    EasyEEM Energy Efficiency Management System

    EMU2000 Series Data Acquisition Device

    EM600LCD Electric Power Monitoring Instrument

    EM160 three-phase watt-hour meter

    EM150 single-phase watt-hour meter