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    Intelligent Transformer and Distribution
    With the rapid development of economy, the safety, reliability and stability of electricity consumption, as well as the social and political impact, economic benefits, management efficiency and operation cost, have increasingly become the concerns of
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  •      Easycontrol Power Transfer and Distribution Monitoring System is a power transformation and distribution monitoring system equipped with fully intelligent measurement and control devices, using its leading power professional technology, advanced distributed processing, network communication and Fieldbus technology.

         Customers can grasp the operation of substation in real time in the monitoring center through Easycontrol transformer and distribution monitoring system, directly operate related equipment, timely understand the fault situation, and quickly deal with it, so as to make the management of the whole power supply system scientific and standardized, and also communicate with other superior dispatching and management systems. Exchange data, give full play to the overall advantages, and carry out system-wide integrated information management.

        Easycontrol power transformation and distribution monitoring system is the latest generation of computer integrated automation power monitoring and management system. Its powerful function, comprehensiveness, pertinence, operability and stability have been further improved and improved. It is a modern power monitoring system that integrates power monitoring, management operation and integrated information automation. Control Management Information System.

        Easycontrol transformer and distribution monitoring system has the characteristics of high stability, good reliability, strong real-time, outstanding compatibility and expansibility, friendly man-machine interface and easy operation and maintenance.

        Easycontrol transformer and distribution monitoring system can complete switch status monitoring, analog acquisition, integrated protection monitoring, alarm management, curve analysis, report generation, statistical printing, user management and other practical functions, thus enhancing the reliability of power consumption, improving the efficiency of power consumption management, improving the quality of power supply and reducing transportation. Cost of line maintenance. The whole system integrates the functions of protection, measurement, control, alarm and remote transmission. It combines control technology with network technology to realize data sharing, automatic management, and no one or few people are responsible.

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       Easycontrol Transformer and Distribution Monitoring System


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