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    Colleges and universities, as a special industry in the field of construction, integrate teaching, scientific research and life. They have a high population density, a large building volume and a large energy consumption. In view of the serious waste of e
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  •   The energy-saving supervision platform fully meets the requirements of the technical guidelines formulated by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Construction, incorporates the concept of university logistics management, has the characteristics of "supervision" and "management". It is a unified open platform, which can be re-developed and integrated. The system collects and analyses energy data such as electricity, water supply and heat supply on campus, so as to realize the unified management and centralized control of campus energy. The system can also integrate all kinds of information management platforms, such as water network monitoring system, dormitory power management system, street lamp control system, to achieve centralized management and control of energy use in Colleges and universities.

    · Monitor and control key energy-using links such as air-conditioning, lighting, experimental equipment, water pump and computer in Campus

    · Subitem monitoring and statistical analysis of campus electricity consumption according to open socket, air conditioning, heating, power equipment, special electricity consumption, etc.

    · Monitoring and automatic control of street lamp, indoor lighting (classroom, office), water pipe network, heating system, dormitory electricity and other links to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste

    · Monitor and analyze the energy of different buildings and departments, such as office buildings, libraries, comprehensive buildings and laboratory buildings, and manage the energy consumption per student and per unit area.

    Beijing Forestry University

    EasyEEM Energy Efficiency Management System

    EMU2000 Series Data Acquisition Device

    EM600LCD Electric Power Monitoring Instrument

    EM160 three-phase watt-hour meter

    EM150 single-phase watt-hour meter