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    Industrial Energy Management Solutions
    With the sustained growth of China's economy and the increasing demand for energy, energy shortage has become a key factor affecting the sustainable development of China's economy. Based on the objective energy data, the most fundamental way for enterpris
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  •     Through on-line monitoring and special monitoring of independent energy-using units within enterprises, industrial energy management system can help customers better complete energy allocation, energy consumption statistical analysis, management of key energy-consuming equipment, energy cost accounting and energy saving and emission reduction, so that enterprise managers can develop the proportion of energy cost of enterprises. The trend is accurately grasped, and the energy consumption goals and energy-saving plans of enterprises are decomposed into the workshops of various production departments, so that the responsibility of energy-saving work is clearer.

    · Energy monitoring and measurement should be carried out in units of general plant, branch plant, workshop, working procedure and key energy-consuming equipment (machine set).

    · Monitor and quantitatively analyze the energy consumption of enterprises in the aspects of purchase, sale, storage, processing, conversion, transmission, terminal use and recycling.

    · Monitor the energy supply, distribution and consumption of departments and workshops, and grasp the status of energy consumption in real time.

    · Energy-saving monitoring and index analysis of key energy-using links and processes

    · Diagnosis and evaluation of energy-saving technology improvement projects in Enterprises



    EasyEEM Energy Efficiency Management System

    EMU2000 Series Data Acquisition Device

    EM600LCD Electric Power Monitoring Instrument

    EM160 three-phase electric energy meter

    EM150 single-phase electric energy meter