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    Data Center
    Market demand and relevant national policies have made it a trend for data centers to be large-scale. Communication, finance and government organizations have set up large data centers to support the sustainable development of various businesses. Data
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  •  Easycontrol-EP computer room power and environment integrated monitoring system, which integrates power monitoring, environmental monitoring, safety monitoring, IT equipment monitoring, energy monitoring and asset management, manages all kinds of equipment through a unified platform, obtains all kinds of information, and interacts with all kinds of alarms. The system provides international top-level, fully customizable graphical interface to support panoramic high-definition three-dimensional dynamic interaction. The system supports all kinds of smartphones and tablets, supports multi-touch and gesture operations, supports real-time system snapshots, supports deep mining and analysis of massive data, and supports real-time hot standby of multiple computers. The system provides scalable, plug-in-based management module and customizable report statistics function, which can deeply meet various needs of different users. It is the most advanced comprehensive management platform at present.

    · Overall monitoring of various equipment: fully integrated power equipment, environmental equipment, security equipment, computer IT equipment and other equipment in the computer room. No matter what equipment, as long as it has external signal interface, it can be seamlessly integrated.

    · A variety of alarm means: the system provides two-way telephone, two-way short message, e-mail, LED screen output, on-site sound and light, fax, print, micro real-time release and other alarm means.

    · Flexible networking: The system not only provides a stand-alone platform, but also provides a multi-site integration platform. The system can classify any network and upload all data dynamically in real time.

    · Good openness: The system provides standard data interfaces such as Modbus, OPC, BACnet, SNMP, XML and so on. It can be easily interconnected with third-party systems.

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    Easycontrol-EP Computer Room Environmental Power System

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        ePDU Intelligent Monitoring Device